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Monday, January 18, 2016

2014 Solo Tasman Part 5: Ready about

Ready About!
In Feb 14 with a reshuffle of my day job,  I set off again to conquer the Tasman Sea.......or 'cross the ditch'.
Upper track is weather routing & good for three days.
Lower track is my actual and mirrors weather routing
track except weather came in earlier than forecast.
Boat polars adjusted to compensate..
NZ Currents

There are numerous currents that come into play that influence the natural unhappiness of the seas one encounters mid Tasman.

The second crack at crossing the ditch went like a dream; even had a full day.....and I mean 15+ hours of the day under Assy Spinnaker! Completely uneventful and enjoyable crossing that prepared me well for the race back in April. Had the company of an Albatross for about 5 days. I saw it land on the water next to its female mate and they bobbed along happily. Wasn't long before he took off and again followed me. I wonder why. Maybe the bubble trail of my wake attracts fish to the surface...?
Skipper hard at does get chilly.
Musto HPX Smock and MPX pants - brilliant!

Training day with storm jib enroute.
Flying the flag for Australia
Waiting for the front to roll on by.

Port Taranaki approaches with Mt Egmont in the clouds

Port Taranaki - time to dry out the old Rogue and wet the insides of the Skipper!

Port Taranaki New Plymouth - Start of the 2014 Solo Tasman Race


Zdenka said...

Thank you for sharing, great photos, hopefully inspiring others.

Rogue Racing 1 said...

Thanks Zdenka, I'm glad others enjoy what I get up to as much as I enjoy revisiting my blog trips when boat-less!