Next Sail: 03 Mar Port Stephens to New Plymouth NZ

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Next Race:
2018 Solo Tasman Challenge 01 Apr 2018
Start: 1300h Port Taranaki New Plymouth NZ
Finish: circa 11 April 2018 - Mooloolaba QLD

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Solo Trans Tasman 2014

Game on, we're in!
I just checked the 2014 Solo Trans Tasman Yacht Race website and Rogue Wave has been accepted as one of the first Provisional Entries for the singlehanded race from New Plymouth (NZ) to Mooloolaba (QLD). The race is conducted every four years and has a limit on the number of competitors, so it pays to get in early. Although the race is still along way off, there are still quite a few outstanding things to be done and the race will provide me with that mid range goal I need to achieve my bucket list.

Preparing for the Hobart, arranging my IRC handicap rating and kitting out for CAT 1 safety gear is a costly and time consuming business, but once its done, maintenance of these two standards will be far less painful in terms of cost and time. All this hard work flows straight into the Trans Tasman Campaign so I can focus on the race rather than preparation of the boat. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sailing with the current

What a great day for the beach it was on Saturday.......but not so for racing yachts! Had a crew of six turn up for the unofficial Sternchaser race, unfortunately the only part missing was the wind. Damn forecasters got it completely wrong. There was also many expensive carbon big boys toys drifting around the Bay without wind at the end of Sail Port Stephens. They had a very frustrating week of variable light winds and plenty of rain. After an hour of drift in the tide with zero wind we spotted some breeze nearer Corlette, so we started the iron wind and retired from the drift race! With a hint of breeze we managed 6 knots with some tide and had a pleasant sail back to Soldiers Point in a dying breeze. It must of been relaxing as James had a little 'just resting my eyes' in the aft berth!

Next weeks race Sat 28 Apr is the final race in the Summer series followed by a presentation at the club. This race I hope to sail to our! So if you're keen to race then hop onboard as a regular crew makes for a fast crew.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Racing Saturday

Rouge Wave will be out racing on beautiful Port Stephens this Sat 21 Apr.

Depart: 1145h Soldiers Point Marina
Return: 1700h (ish.....depends on the wind).

Saturday's race is what is called a Sternchaser. Instead of all yachts starting on one line, there is a progressive start based on handicap. The slower yachts start prior to 1300h followed by the faster yachts who then chase down the slower yachts...hence the name. The forecast is NE 10-20 knots which is perfect weather for the old girl to go hunting!
The Sail Port Stephens Regatta IRC Championships are also on this week and weekend so the Bay will be a mass of colour.
Daz and Dani will be back onboard for some more tacking, gybing and kite flying, so put the mower away and come out for a race.
Same deal, BYO snacks and drinks, water and fridge available onboard and bring a windproof or polar fleece jacket as it is starting to chill off with a breeze during the arvo.
Last week was our first official race after several weeks of training sails and shadowing the race fleet. With only the two on onboard, we chose a conservative start behind the rest of the fleet to avoid any carnage. We sailed Rogue Wave over the 17M course in 3h:55min passing half the fleet upwind, however losing some ground downwind. We were happy to score a credible 7th place from 13 starters with a handicap of 880.
Other competitors were in awe of Decky Daz as he tested the limits in a marathon four hour winch workout routine, whilst demonstrating lightning fast tacks and fancy foredeck footwork! Great job Daz!
So you want to help Daz and Dani out.....then text or email to secure your spot (3 more left).....operators are standing by for your call.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

50-50 wind

Daz and Tess joined RW for the offshore sail down to Newcastle Cruising Yacht Club last weekend. With a favourable light wind, swift outgoing tide and gentleman's departure time, we made good time to the heads out of Port Stephens. All looked good for a spinnaker reach down the coast......then just as Daz had clipped on the last line, the wind veered SE! So it was back on the wind with the whites taking us south at a steady 5-6 knots. As the wind built to 12 with the odd 15 knot gusts we pushed along at 6-7 knots with a nice balanced helm.

It was Tess's first sail for a while and she handled herself like a seasoned professional. The breeze stayed reasonably constant enough for us to hold a long starboard tack until NE of Newcastle harbour. As we tacked onto port we caught a glimpse of some jumping fish in the distance....worth a look we thought. As we got closer a Mako shark leapt 6ft clear of the water spiralling as it flew through the air......then another and another. Awesome sight amidst the very calm seas. Not long after the wind died in the butt and we motor sailed into NCYC for a well earned bucketful of beers on board. A good feed at the club and more beers saw us hit the bunks very 'tired'.

Sunday we set off in a light land breeze only to be foiled by the Eco Activists. They were demonstrating by trying to hold up coal ships from berthing, using kayaks, boats, jetskis or whatever. Maritime advised us to keep clear as the cops may need to get heavy handed so we delayed our departure until two ships entered.....maybe Tess looked like an activist!

Anyway, by the time we cleared port the wind was light but still enough to launch the weapon. Under spinnaker we cruised along at SOG=App wind.....5.5 knots! Didn't last long and soon the wind was history and we motor sailed all the way home. Any day on the water is a great day so a 50% wind is ok by me! Thanks crew, great job!