Next Sail: 2019 Sydney Hobart Race

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Next Race: 75th Anniversary 2019 Sydney to Hobart Race
Berthing: CYCA
Start Date:
26 Dec 2019
Time: Warning signal 1250h for a 1300h start
Finish: 4-6 days depending on Huey.
Berthing: Constitution Dock Hobart

Friday, March 25, 2016

Stay the course - bring on the boat bling.

I guess the old Rogue will be around for quite some time now the US spring commissioning season is in full swing and the deals are there for the taking.

West Marine just had a 4 day sale and all Lewmar winches were 2 for 1 prices. How could I resist.......nah, I couldn't so I upgraded the two remaining standard Lewmar 24/2 speed winches with a pair of Lewmar Ocean series ST30. That was day day 4 with two hours to go on the sale I thought what the hell, lets get a couple of new primaries. So it will be on to ebay with the old ST44 and in with the new Lewmar EVO ST45. With a 7 year warranty its a great deal.

Also found on ebay 10ft roll of Milspec RG213 VHF coax cable and a highly reported Metz Manta Stainless Steel masthead antenna. To complete the mast makeover I also found a 100ft coil of 5 core x 2mm tinned mast cable and Aquasignal LED Series 34 Tricolour with anchor light all at great prices. Look hard enough and the deals are out there.

I think my best buy on ebay so far is the Katadyn PUR 35 Survivor Emergency Watermaker. Ex Military surplus and brand spanking new for $200 bucks (retail $2200.00) and she will produce about 4.5 litres per hour of clean fresh water from seawater.  More than enough to keep the crew kicking. Its never been used and even the plastic hoses are clear and supple. I expect the membrane will require replacement but I will give it a test against spec to see how it goes before I replace.

One good thing about the US boating world is there are tons of boats therefore lots of competition, whereas in Australia there is one or two. Also picked up a heap of Robship gear cheap including winch covers, lifeline cushions, foredeck and cockpit rain/sunshades, cabin bags, winch pockets and a solent stay bridle.