Next Sail: 2019 Sydney Hobart Race

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Next Race: 75th Anniversary 2019 Sydney to Hobart Race
Berthing: CYCA
Start Date:
26 Dec 2019
Time: Warning signal 1250h for a 1300h start
Finish: 4-6 days depending on Huey.
Berthing: Constitution Dock Hobart

Friday, June 29, 2012

ORCi and IRC Rating Certificates

Rogue Wave received her ORCi Rating Certificate and Velocity Prediction Pack and her IRC Rating Certificates so we can now officially enter major offshore races and regattas.

0.9346 - Time on Time (Offshore coastal/long distance)
0.9297 - Time on Time (Inshore Windward/Leeward)
Stability Index 118.4
Limit of Positive Stability 115.3
Displacement 6253 kg

TCC:  0.933
           0.920 non spinnaker

Sternchaser Race 2

Twelve yachts started Race #2 of the Winter Sternchaser series last Saturday. Despite the cold and windy morning, Rogue Wave and her crew had a great day on the water. RW had a start time of 1322 h. The first yacht would start at 1230 h whilst the go fast trimaran Kiska started around 1348 h. We approached the line about 20 secs early so we unfortunately had to run down the line  to avoid crossing early, losing valuable ground to windward. Fortunately the breeze suited RW and under full main and #2 genoa we were pointing high making up to 5.8 SOG against an ebb tide in a stiff 15-20 knot westerly. By the time we were half way to the first mark we had passed over 2/3 of the fleet ahead!

All our previous races there have been a few yachts in front of us so we  don’t need to pay to much attention to mark roundings other than glance at the course. We were now leading the fleet before the first mark....better check that course again! With the forecast strong winds I was initially going to pole the headsail for simplicity but as we approached the mark the breeze was dropping to around 15 knots so up went the Assy from the bow. We jogged along pointing at 6.7 knots goosewinging the Assy on the run down to Middle Island. This is where the full spinnaker equipped yachts of Thief of Time (S80), Nelson J (J24) and Nervous (Elliot 7) made a lot of ground on us....... but we still managed to hold on and round the island in first place. I was confident as we came back onto the breeze we could build on the gap once again.
We hardened up and took off. Daz and Dani doing some great deck work and getting the spinnaker repacked ready for the next run. We tacked SW using the lee of The Narrows reef to reduce the foul tide that was running at 2.5 knots. We again laid the top mark in a couple of tacks and rounded the mark still in first place.......who would have thought this 29 year old yacht had this much grunt! The Assy was up again and we maintained our lead in what was now a dying breeze. It was a great sight looking back at the colourful spinnakers instead of following them! Then the breeze began to drop….a lot. We were quickly running out of options running about 120 deg apparent and were about to goosewing when the hooter sounded a shortened course. We nervously watched (excuse the pun!) as Nervous the go fast Elliott 7 sportsboat sailed straight downwind to clinch a win by about 10secs!
Great race and great company made for an enjoyable day. The sun came out and the sail back to the mooring was exceptional with celebratory beer in hand. I look forward to the arrival of our downwind weaponary!
1st Nervous
2nd Rogue Wave
3rd Thief of Time

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Iceberg Offshore race #1

Goodlife2 chasing us down the bay.

Saturday's offshore race started at at 1100 h from Soldiers Point and followed the main channel down to the heads of Port Stephens with about 8 yachts competing.....double the number expected . Once clear of the coast we headed north to complete a loop of three islands (Cabbage Tree Is, Little Is and Boondlebah Is) then back to Fly point at Nelson Bay for the finish (17M). The forecast 10-15 knot NW breeze failed to appear and was replaced with a light 5-10 knot WSW.
Rogue Wave with poled out Asymmetrical
 Exalte (X-332) was again favourite and crossed the start line first. RW also had a good start with Eric the autopilot on the job as I played decky hoisting the Assy to be second across the line. We held out Escapade (Nolex 30) until Corlette when they snuck past out of the main incoming tide whilst Kiska (tri) gybed their way downwind. I had the Assy poled out running close to dead downwind and then had to gybe was a bit like slow motion! Unfortunately the full spinnaker boats pulled away and RW just kept in front of Goodlife2 (Beneteau) all the way out to the heads. During my next gybe under Yaccaba Head, the spinnaker wrapped around the furled headsail gripping the sunbrella material like velcro and it wouldn't let go without disconnecting the tack and clew. Made for some good entertainment for the Goodlife2 crew as they slipped past on the way  to Cabbage Tree Is (CTI)...... but not for long.

Once I had the problem sorted, RW was back on the breeze and with good speed andwe soon passed Goodlife2 on a beam reach, quickly opening up a half mile gap. Altering course around Cabbage Tree Is the breeze dropped, so down came the Assy which I repacked ready for the next launch. The breeze finally backed to the South as forecast and increased to 10 knots so we picked up speed under headsail extending the gap.  After a beat to Boondlebah Is we shaped course for Tomaree Heads......but not to close so we didn't fall into a wind hole. At that stage RW was also gaining on the leaders but so was Escapade and they blasted away catching the leaders as they floundered in another wind hole. Hoisted the Assy once the breeze dropped and backed and I managed to hold it in a tight reach all the way to 60 deg. Flew the Assy in a fading 5-7 knots breeze until 500m from the finish line at Fly Point then down again and back to the headsail. SOG was an impressive 1.9 knots!!
Goodlife2 getting closer!

Despite the lack of breeze it was a great day on the water with several whale sightings; and a podium finish for Rogue Wave. With only four races in the series its great to be in a good position early.  I think with arrival of our practice light air spinnaker next week and the two new spinnakers due by the end of the month, we should be able to pull a couple of races out of the bag and improve our red wine selection for the crew Christmas Dinner!  It must be time to hit the pavement again as I felt a little stuffed after the race! Unfortunately the inshore racers did not fare so well and their race had to be abandoned. 
Iceberg Offshore Series Race #1 results were:
1st - Escapade
2nd - Exalte
3rd - Rouge Wave

Friday, June 8, 2012

Solo Trans Tasman 2014

Its 2014 Solo Trans Tasman entry has finally been listed on the website!
Over the past two years I have slowly refitted Rogue Wave returning her to a fast cruiser/racer setup for single and shorthanded racing. RW now sports new Doyle Sails cruise laminate whites; a new orange storm jib and trysail capable of being hoisted on a dedicated independent solent stay and mast track; a new Symmetrical and Asymmetrical spinnaker designed for medium air reaching and heavy air running using the spinnaker pole will certainly get the old girl moving offwind. Only need to renew some blocks, install a couple of storm jib sheet tracks and some genoa sheet cars complete with adjusters to complete the deck work. Looking forward to some scary moments screaming along on the edge of control!

My Raymarine S10 wheel pilot belt drive setup has been relegated to backup to the new Jefa linear drive. I will be connecting an Airmar rate gyro heading sensor to unlock the  features of the Raymarine system providing me with greater stability control. I currently use a Raymarine RC400 handheld chartplotter that has been for more trips across the deck than my crew. The bracket has broken twice when snagged by the mainsheet during uncontrolled gybes, the power/data connections failed so I rewired internally with a thumper size plug from Jaycar all topped off with a wad of expoxy! Whilst she still works great and drives the autopilot reasonably well she does 'sign off' sometimes requiring a factory reset to bring back to life. So welcome to the Raymarine e7 Chartplotter and AIS to provide the off-watch peace of mind. The RC400 will be a third backup to the Lowrance 5300 nav station chartplotter. 
Comms is covered by DSC capable Standard Horizon VHF radio with cockpit RAM microphone and for long distance I will soon have an Icom 801E DSC HF Transceiver. For the race, a satellite phone will be on board for downloading weather and grib files.

Still plenty of work to do with the charging system with the most likely addition being a 70-80A alternator with smart charger, backed up by a semi flexible 80W solar panel.  I need something lightweight and modular as my previous system was heavy and mounted to a targa bar and bimini setup. Jury still out on the benefits of the new Rutland 914i wind generator and smart charger....more research is required.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Offshore Race Saturday

RW will be competing in the first Offshore race for the Iceberg winter series. There are not many yachts with the CAT 4 safety requirements so competitor numbers will be low. There are only 4 races in the series of which you can drop one race. The race starts at Soldiers Point @1100 h and heads out past Tomaree Heads. There are three islands just offshore (Cabbage Tree, Little Island and Boondelbah) and depending on the wind direction there are several variations of passage around the islands. The finish line is off Fly Point just to the east of Nelson Bay Marina.

The large swells left over from todays forecast Low should be reducing and the wind looks good around 10-15 knots so it should be a great day. Just hope the rain stays away. While we are racing offshore, the remainder race the inshore Iceberg series.

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Despite some early concerns during the measure, I received a call from John (YA Measurer) saying that all is looking good to meet the min 115 Stability index required for CAT 1 yachts. I had a few beers to celebrate.
The trial number crunching came in around 118 but I can't confirm until the certificates arrive. Although this large undertaking has cost me a few bob, in the end I will be comforted in knowing, through test, that RW has stability and is of seaworthy design. The other bonus is I will get all the data in a package that enables me to make wind polars for RW showing target boat speeds over a range of wind speeds and directions. This will give us something to chase!
The Symmetrical and Asymmetrical spinnakers are on order and due for delivery end of June. I will also pick up a used Sydney 38 Symmetrical that will be recut so we have a light air weapon for practice. Once they are made the measurer will attach his YA sticker with all the measurements and then submit to IRC and ORCi for issue of the Certificates.

The final big ticket item for CAT 1 and CAT 2 is the ICOM 801E HF Transceiver that is on order and due in at the end of the month. I think I need to trade my wallet in cause the one I have is broke...n!

No racing yesterday.....although they did start a race but I think it was called off due to lack of wind.
I spent today diving the hull to clean the prop and give the brown slime a touch up, getting some final underwater measurements for the measurer and going through the First Aid Kit to renew expired items.