Next Sail: 2019 Sydney Hobart Race

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Next Race: 75th Anniversary 2019 Sydney to Hobart Race
Berthing: CYCA
Start Date:
26 Dec 2019
Time: Warning signal 1250h for a 1300h start
Finish: 4-6 days depending on Huey.
Berthing: Constitution Dock Hobart

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Newcastle Cruising Yacht Club Inner Spring Regatta 31 Aug-01 Sep 13

Rogue Wave and a new crew will tackle Div 2 in IRC of the NCYC Inner Spring Regatta. Ruth is back on task and will be joined by a few guys from our local Port Stephens Yacht Club. I had hoped to keep the Sail Port Stephens crew together for this event but as we all work, the planets did not align. Hopefully I can coerce them back for some more offshore races next year.

The Inner Spring Regatta is our only IRC event and I use it as a stepping stone to gauge our performance against boats of similar or better rating. We were only off the pace by a few minutes last year however we were self-handicapped in that we broke the spinnaker pole on race one of three windward - leeward races! Not ideal for the lowest handicapped boat in a 20 yacht fleet. Still we did manage a 3rd on PHS in Race 4 so our passage race with reaches allowed us to fly the 1.5oz asymmetrical spinnaker effectively.

Follow the link to the web page and download the Notice to Race and Sailing Instructions and check out our competitors.

NCYC Enviro Pacific Services Inner Spring Regatta

Floating Footpath 1 vs Rogue Wave 0

Rogue Wave is finally back in the water following damage control repairs caused by the runaway floating footpath. Whilst on the hard I managed to smash through a lot of other jobs in the great weather however failed to make a dent on many others! Here are some pics to fill you in on progress.
Some of the chunked damage. Lifelines, bow roller assy and stanchion bases were also damaged.
The bilge was cleaned and keel bolts replaced and resealed; cabin sole bearer tops renewed, epoxied and ready for installation of the quarter turn SS316 Zud fasteners to secure the sole panels to the boat in the event of capsize. The topsides were polished and bottom antifouled and Prop Speed coating applied to the prop so hopefully no fouling = no hull diving until ready for NZ in Dec. Some new anti-skid tape to keep the crew on deck, anchor hatch lock, new steering compass, and beefed up the upper rudder bearing.
Noakes Ship and Boatyard Nelson Bay
JOTUN Seaguardian applied Dec 11. Lanolin on the SS folding prop lasts about 6 months. Note the before and after waterline where the antifoul was taken up to a new bootstripe.....a reminder of her past when she was loaded to the hilt and cruised the world for 13 years.

The rudder bearing had seized to the shaft due to insufficient shaft clearance.
The bearings 'grow' slightly as they can absorb water.

 Down below the electrics were tweaked, new bilge pump wiring and outlet and finally the new gas system with Gas Detector and solenoid shutoff is ready for its compliance check. I have been looking for plastic containers that can take a knock and not go brittle after 6 months. Gave up and resorted to small tool boxes to stow gear in the lockers. To be CAT 1 compliant everything must be held securely so a single style toolbox fits the bill and they are reasonably robust.
Same bearing machined for clearance and fitted, waxed and then installed in a wet epoxy mix. Additional marine ply rings make up the bearing carrier and the bearing secured by two set screws to prevent any rotation.
Bow repairs look good. I did not expect a perfect match for 30 year old gelcoat so it will do until I get the urge to paint her during retirement.
The final task was to put the new laminex on the galley, fit the new trim and then give it a coat of varnish. Only applied the one coat because some bozzo forgot to take his glasses!!
Step 1 remove all the bits. Old laminex was in good condition so a few repairs and a good sand was all that was required
Laminex is very brittle so I had the cabinet maker cut to my templates and around the raised fridge lip. The greaseproof paper rests on top of the contact adhesive, the laminex positioned and then very carefully slide out one piece of paper at a time ....there are no second chances here. Once glued, out with the veneer trimmer and cutout the required holes and trim edges.
Burmese teak fiddles and Tasmanian Oak trim. New bi-fold cooker cover works a treat and just need to make a heat cover to protect it when raised.
One coat of gloss varnish to make cleaning a tad easier. A second coat will go one when I do the rest of the day!
Just about done and ready to fire up the cooker for a christening dinner with Relle.
.........and rest!