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2018 Solo Tasman Challenge 01 Apr 2018
Start: 1300h Port Taranaki New Plymouth NZ
Finish: circa 11 April 2018 - Mooloolaba QLD

Monday, June 26, 2017

2018 Solo Tasman Yacht Challenge - SOLDIER ON

Once again as I did in 2014, I have elected to raise awareness of the work being done by Soldier On to underpin my second Solo Tasman Yacht Challenge in April 2018. In 2014 we successfully raised over $3600.00 so in 2018 I would like to shoot for $5000.00. Together we can make a difference.

2018 will be a very busy year....which is not  bad thing! Between family catch-ups, I will be head down bum up settling back into the Aussie lifestyle, a new job and re-commissioning Rogue Wave from storage to make her ready for our delivery to New Zealand in March 2018.

So thought it prudent to start the fundraising now to lessen the impact. Below is the link to my fundraising page on the Soldier On website and in advance, I thank you kindly for your support in helping those that keep this country safe.

An event such as the Solo Tasman take years of planning and preparation prior to actual execution and getting to the start line is an achievement in its own right. However I am proud to say that I am completely self funded and supported by my family as I spend their inheritance!

All donations raised go to Soldier On.

2018 Solo Tasman Yacht Challenge Fundraiser Website

Rogue Wave - 2014 Solo Tasman Yacht Challenge arrival at Mooloolaba

OSTAR 2020

Just back from Newport RI where I was fortunate to greet Mark Hipgrave as he skippered his Sunfast 3600  Mister Lucky to a 3rd in Gypsy Moth class, 3rd in OSTAR and 4th Line Honours. Outstanding effort by Mark considering the toll the weather took on the fleet.......enough drama to make a Perfect Storm 2!

Met Uwe and Asia off the Class 40 Rote 66 and they kindly showed me through their boat. Had a chat with Jaap who raced on the yacht Happy who unfortunately lost their yacht after being pitch-poled, dismasted and taking on lots of water. They were successfully rescued by an ocean going sea tug so had a ride to Bermuda before flying into Newport. Check out the site as the slower Corinthian Jester Class are still out their racing - this is the class Rogue Wave would compete - Roaring Forty would be in the Gypsy Moth Class.
OSTAR 2017
Facebook - OSTAR and TWO STAR

The OSTAR is usually run every four years which timed nicely with my proposed year of retirement being (2021) ....however, the committee has moved the next OSTAR to 2020 to align with the Mayflower 400th anniversary celebrations. So if I am to take part a major re-plan is required to compete Roaring Forty in the 2020 OSTAR.

On my recent flight to Australia and up to Newport I have been reading Eric Tabarly Memoirs of the Sea, which is an excellent read. He does not bore the non-sailor with the day by day details of a long solo or crewed passage for these he quickly summarises the main repetitive events. His story is about inspiration, passion for racing and yacht design and his love of the sea. Highly recommended.