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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sailing with the current

What a great day for the beach it was on Saturday.......but not so for racing yachts! Had a crew of six turn up for the unofficial Sternchaser race, unfortunately the only part missing was the wind. Damn forecasters got it completely wrong. There was also many expensive carbon big boys toys drifting around the Bay without wind at the end of Sail Port Stephens. They had a very frustrating week of variable light winds and plenty of rain. After an hour of drift in the tide with zero wind we spotted some breeze nearer Corlette, so we started the iron wind and retired from the drift race! With a hint of breeze we managed 6 knots with some tide and had a pleasant sail back to Soldiers Point in a dying breeze. It must of been relaxing as James had a little 'just resting my eyes' in the aft berth!

Next weeks race Sat 28 Apr is the final race in the Summer series followed by a presentation at the club. This race I hope to sail to our! So if you're keen to race then hop onboard as a regular crew makes for a fast crew.

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