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Monday, January 30, 2012


Thankfully during a lull in today's strong winds we managed to re-step the mast. The Surveyor came and did the rigging survey so hopefully the Insurance company will be satisfied. Its a lot different than car or house insurance as there are so many variables. 'Real' work tomorrow, so its back to after hours work for the next week. Will see if I can wrangle splash back next Mon morning 06 Feb......will have to see what my workload will be.

I have removed a couple anodes from the hull that did diddlysquat, and ground out a couple of osmosis blisters (just to see how deep they were), followed by an epoxy repair. The blisters are only just under the gelcoat and they are only small.......just a lot of them, but most are still hard! Its a job for another year..or two.

Hull has been sanded and ready for the Jotun hi-build epoxy on some of the worn areas tomorrow followed by the 1st coat of Jotun Seaguardian antifoul. I will put the final 2nd coat (3rd waterline and leading edges) on Sat after the guys reposition the cradle posts.

Final parts yet to arrive (due tomorrow are 4 x Polyflex engine mounts. As I have replaced or repaired everything aft of the gearbox new mounts were required. Finally grunted one out this morning and my suspicions confirmed.....just hanging together by the last bit of rubber. The surveyor was telling me a story of a yacht in the 98 Sydney Hobart race that capsized in the gales and the engine physically fell off its original mounts where the rubber let go!

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