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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Photos of the P Bracket and mast work

RW haulout Jan 12
Solent Stay fitting and Harken halyard deflector
Cracked shroud chainplates
Metal polishing the new chainplates
P-Bracket Stypol filler cleaned out
P-Bracket ready for re-install
African Teak laminated block for internal P-Bracket support
West epoxy laminated
Side covers locate the 13mm 316 through bolt
Hull prepped for P-Bracket
P-Bracket alignment support using yard stand so cutlass bearing is a slip-in fit, then West epoxy applied .

West epoxy applied
Second layer of epoxy
West epoxy and layers of 10oz cloth and 450gsm bi-axial matt applied.
Teak block epoxy encapsulates the P-Bracket and through bolt.......she is stronger than original.
P-Bracket glassed in using eight alternating layers of 10oz cloth and 450gsm bi-axial matt and International HT9000 epoxy.
Finished P-Bracket dots are my cutting guides as the cloth size receded. Layer #8 finishes just above the block epoxy fillet.

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