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Monday, April 3, 2017

Part 2 - The Contenders

During 2015 and 2016, I trolled the Annapolis boat shows hunting for boat bling for Rogue Wave whilst cruising my favourite nautical Broker web sites looking for racing stablemates with no luck.

To ensure my brain did not default to a copy of Rogue Wave which it did several times as I drifted down rabbit holes, I drafted a list of Essential (E) and Desirable (D) criteria that included:
Not to exceed Budget - USD$50K (E)
Age - post 1983 but irrelevant if refitted (D)
Not Handicap or Class restricted (D)
Hull Material - GRP/Kevlar (E)
Water Ballast (D)
No canting keel (E)
Watertight compartments/Crash bulkheads (D)
Length - around 40-43 ft, (E)
Beam - fine entry for windward work, moderate-wide beam with flat aft sections to promote surfing while reaching and running, (E)
Draft - not to exceed 3 metres (E)
single elliptical spade rudder (E)
dual rudder (D)
emergency rudder system (D)
tiller steer in preference to wheel for simplicity and weight (E)
Integrated electronics package (E)
Solar/wind/hydro generators (D)
Extensive sail wardrobe as this shares the wear across many sails so even if old could be in new condition (E)
Mast - Alloy (E) or carbon mast/boom (D)
Standing Rigging - Rod (E), PBO if less than 2 years old (D), no wire.
Solent or cutter rig (E)
Furlers for Code and Spinnakers - (D)
Headsail furler (D)
Bowsprit (E)
Carbon Spinnaker pole (D)
Demonstrated performance hull design, lightweight but strength through design and material use (E)
Crew protection - Small dodger (D)
Stripped out racing interior (E)
Engine - 20-30hp but not original equipment (E)
Galley - gimbaled Single/dual Alcohol cooker (E)
Performance - must be capable of maintaining 170-200NM days (E)

After many many months of searching and saving some more, I have finally made my decision; she has beautiful lines, is strong and be continued in part 3.

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