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Sunday, June 3, 2012


Despite some early concerns during the measure, I received a call from John (YA Measurer) saying that all is looking good to meet the min 115 Stability index required for CAT 1 yachts. I had a few beers to celebrate.
The trial number crunching came in around 118 but I can't confirm until the certificates arrive. Although this large undertaking has cost me a few bob, in the end I will be comforted in knowing, through test, that RW has stability and is of seaworthy design. The other bonus is I will get all the data in a package that enables me to make wind polars for RW showing target boat speeds over a range of wind speeds and directions. This will give us something to chase!
The Symmetrical and Asymmetrical spinnakers are on order and due for delivery end of June. I will also pick up a used Sydney 38 Symmetrical that will be recut so we have a light air weapon for practice. Once they are made the measurer will attach his YA sticker with all the measurements and then submit to IRC and ORCi for issue of the Certificates.

The final big ticket item for CAT 1 and CAT 2 is the ICOM 801E HF Transceiver that is on order and due in at the end of the month. I think I need to trade my wallet in cause the one I have is broke...n!

No racing yesterday.....although they did start a race but I think it was called off due to lack of wind.
I spent today diving the hull to clean the prop and give the brown slime a touch up, getting some final underwater measurements for the measurer and going through the First Aid Kit to renew expired items.

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