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Thursday, February 25, 2021


 Been a while since I have updated my blog and thankyou to those still able to sail and giving me something to watch on You Tube. Between the Vendee midnight updates and the AC75s in NZ there has been just enough to keep me from going nuts.

Rogue Wave has been on the market so I had her stripped back to presentable condition so I could show her without much prep. Now since COVID has dragged on I have taken her off the market and will prep for some local and offshore sailing in preparation for later in the year and next.

I will enter RW in the Two-Handed category of the 2021 Rolex Sydney Hobart Race with Darrell 'Daz' Greig answering the call and stepping into the co-skipper role. We will try and squeeze in the mandatory qualifier passage from Sydney back to Port Stephens so he can step off the plane and start sailing to maximise sailing time and minimise impact on Leave from duty. 

In 2020, the CYCA made a very disappointing decision by excluding IRC Two-Handed boats from competing for the Tattersalls Cup - something that all IRC crewed boats could compete. So now I may just enter the Performance Handicap System (PHS) category to save on paying IRC and ORCi Certificate costs and entry fees.

Following the Sydney Hobart race RW will remain in Tasmania until around March when I will sail her to New Zealand for the 2022 Solo Trans-Tasman Challenge from New Plymouth on 17 Apr 22 and finishing at Southport QLD between 27-28 Apr if all goes to plan. From there its back down to Port Stephens arriving early May where she will lay up over winter on her mooring.

Here are some pics from the 2018 Solo Trans-Tasman Challenge.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Year of COVID-19

Being a socially responsible person, I have withdrawn Rogue Wave's entry into the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht race. Whilst disappointing, its the correct decision. Apart from getting Daz to travel twice from Adelaide coupled with the isolation requirements and impact on Leave plus the challenge that 2* approval is required for military travel, fate sort of took over my decision making power.

On top of COVID challenges and border closures, the CYCA has initiated a push to exclude two handed (2H) sailors from competing for the Tattersall Cup, the holy grail of Australian yacht racing open to amateur and professionally crewed yachts up to 100ft in length. Its been a few weeks now and it is still unclear on which side of the argument the CYCA will support. If they exclude us from the Cup then I do not see any International competitors even bothering. Its like saying bring your boat to the UK for the Fastnet or Malta for the Middle Sea Race and oh, by the way you cant win the trophy but thanks for the entry fee and personal expense, the Club thanks you for your contribution.

We are 117 days out from the start and the CYCA cannot identify a Go/Nogo date in which they will draw a line in the sand and make a decision, other than to say about 6 weeks out they will may make a call. The Sydeny Gold Coast race has been postponed once and now is cancelled. There's talk of a replacement 'out-and-back' race to Flinders Island but really, they should just cancel and free up families to spend this COVID Christmas together. Life will return to normal.

Sunday, June 7, 2020


After successfully competing in the 75th Anniversary Rolex Sydney to Hobart (RSHYR), I eagerly awaited release of the Notice of Race for the 2020 RSHYR Race as this is the first year a 2-Handed Division will be raced against the fully crewed boats. In 2018 I attended a CYCA workshop and supported the introduction of a 2-Handed Division.

Kev Le Poidevin
I am excited to announce Darrell Greig will co-skipper Rogue Wave in the 2020 Rolex RSHYR race competing in IRC, IRC 2H, Corinthian and ORCi and ORCi 2-Handed divisions.

The preparation begins.

Darrell Greig
Darrell Greig
Cape Raoul 'Organ Pipes

Iron Pot entrance to the Derwent River, Tasmania

Heading home with Tasman Island shrouded in cloud

Rogue Wave rounding Tasman Island early on New Years eve morning
Credit: Richard Bennett Photography

Rogue Wave rounding Tasman Island early on New Years eve morning
Credit: Richard Bennett Photography

Rogue Wave rounding Tasman Island early on New Years eve morning
Credit: Richard Bennett Photography

Rogue Wave rounding Tasman Island early on New Years eve morning
Credit: Richard Bennett Photography

Rogue Wave rounding Tasman Island early on New Years eve morning
Credit: Richard Bennett Photography

Sunday, August 11, 2019

75th Anniversary Sydney to Hobart Race

The old Rogue is being made ready for an assault on IRC and ORCi Div 4 in the Sydney Hobart race.
Being one of the smallest and slowest means we will be at the back end of the fleet, but that is no matter.....its the adventure and opportunity to share this experience that counts. Follow along on the Rogue Ravings Facebook page.

'Rogue Wave' at Soldiers Point Marina
My crew of old Rogues L-R: Kev Le Poidevin; Asia Pajkowska; Roger Yeo; Neil Pilz; David Simm and Darrell Greig

'Rogue Wave' berthed in the CYCA duckpond
Crossing the Finish Line!!

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Interior pics

Some pics inside Rogue Wave.
To make room for spinnaker packing the saloon table can magically disappear!
The dining table splits in half and each side stores in a slot under each saloon seat. The table has has folding legs that store vertically against the saloon seat side. The table bolts to the cockpit sole with covers for when not in use. It can be setup as a full or half table.

Once assembled up to 7 merry crew can drink their G&Ts whilst having their roast chook dinner cooked in the rotisserie oven!

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Cove Marine

I've been coming to Cove Marine at Oyster Cove since 2007 and every time the team looks after the old Rogue. So we are up again on the hard for the annual haulout. A couple of coats of Jotun Seaguardian, fresh boot topping and cut and wax the topsides.

For a yacht constructed in 1983, the old Sigma 36 still has her original gelcoat. There are plenty of 'battle scars' on the old girl: even some scars from the Tsunami that hit Indonesia and funneled down to Penang where Rouge Wave was berthed.